Greece, once is never enough

2017 summer vacation ~ all about the blue and the white..

How many travellers dream of a trip to Greece at least once in their life? I am one of them and I continued living my dream. No fixed itinerary, all I did was reminding myself to embrace whatever may come in my way during my (well-deserved) summer vacation.

Mykonos, Cosmopolitan Island~ most popular tourist destination, indeed. Most travelers thought Mykonos is the island with craziest nightlife. Don’t worry if you are not a clubber ~ I don’t party much but I must say this cosmopolitan island offers excellent wine and dine, shopping and great beaches. A great hotel to stay would be the Myconian Hotel Collection. This is where I met 3 Greek friends, Stella, Stelios and Konstantinos who work hard and party even harder! They have certainly made my stay memorable.

Santorini, Picturesque Island~ the most southern Island, made of volcanic rock. A crowded and packed island where people come for their “postcard selfies”. For me, I was determined to get my sunset photo moment so I decided to stay in OIA. While exploring OIA, I managed to look at every viewpoint and discover good photo spots. Of course, the best sunset viewpoint is no other place but my terrace and here, I met this loving English couple, Perry and Sue.. great conversations and I will definitely visit them in the U.K.

My Greek solo travel ends in Santorini, I flew back to Athens, continued my journey with a few friends. Look, what a great view of Santorini’s landscape!


Milos, Rocky Island ~ 70 beaches on Milos Island! This is one of the Island I would go back to. We’ve missed Cave of Sikia due to weather condition but we’ve covered 11 beaches in 3 days. Some of my top beaches; Sarakiniko, the moon beach due to the landscape and the soft sparkling white rock formations. Kleftiko, where you can see natural caves formation that can be reached only by sea, thanks to Captain Paris, our friendly boat man. He made it to my friend’s list! Tsigardo, a secluded beach tucked away amid high cliffs and rocky passages ~ not impossible to get there, all you have to do is to climb down from a ladder while holding onto a rope!

Kimolos, Authentic Greek Island~ cute little island with no more than 600 residents and I was the only Asian on this island. It is perfect for traveler looking for peace, quiet and lovely walk around the little villages. A shop owner, told us to visit a small fishing village called Goupa. There isn’t many tourists and the only things you see, local kids playing in the sea and colorful boat garage doors.

Finally, Acropolis of Athens ~ the ancient highest city, before flying home.


Top 10 Greek Moments ~ neither the blue nor the white…

  1. Yioselina, my greek name from Yanni
  2. Freddo Cappucino ~ best coffee!
  3. The best golden tan ~ I miss my tan!
  4. Grilled Octopus ~ can’t even remember how many I’ve had on each island
  5. Yioselina’s 1st swim in open sea, hooray!
  6. Evil Eye Collection ~ stones, accessories, door charm, bag charm and many more
  7. Air bnb Greek style
  8. Greek Taverna ~ best greek food and friendly owners
  9. Pebbles ~ hours of doing nothing but gathering beach pebbles and carefully hand-sorting the gathered pebbles to bring home
  10. Resident cats – I’ve never seen so many cats in my life!


Greece will remain as one of my favorite destinations because I hold many amazing memories, beautiful moments and met a lot of new friends. I will go back again one day to relieve these old memories and to create new ones, because Greek Islands, once is never enough.

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