10 years from now…

10 years ago, I remember way back when I was younger, I tend to think about what would happen in 2 years, 5 years…and so on. People often say it take years to change your life. It’s not true (at all). It takes a moment. But it’s true that it may take years to get to the point of finally saying, “I am done”.

10 years later, I asked myself, “What is my biggest fear in life”? Regret. Looking back at my last 10 years, my biggest achievement is doing things I think I can’t do. If you want it badly enough, there are no limits. Last month, I’ve made a difficult decision ~ I am leaving my job of 10 years. I know if I don’t take a risk, I will never achieve my dreams. It’s not about quitting, it’s about keep moving.

I am happy that I have accomplished a lot over the last 10 years, both career and personal goals. I became a leader, I traveled around the globe (I’ve ticked a few destinations on my bucket list), I have a home I called my own,  I learned new skills (dance, fitness, language, sports), I had lasik surgery and I put on braces (childhood dreams do come true!), I make new friends, I have new hobbies, I have constant and continuous support from my family and friends. I am a better me. It is time to start a new chapter.

The best journey to achievement ~ plan with a purpose, prepare positively and pursue persistently.

Next 10 years, be happy. What I am going to do next, I will make them the best journey.

10 years from now, I can say, I did what I want.. Dream, believe and achieve. 






One thought on “10 years from now…

  1. Well done Jocelyn, for all that you have achieved and continue to achieve. You are an amazing person full of love, very kind and generous. Continue living life to the fullest and I am so proud of you.

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