Iconic flat-topped mountain

I love places that make me realise how tiny I am, and I fell in love completely with this flat-topped mountain… the iconic Table Mountain.

South Africa is always my top country to visit and I’ve been lucky. I’ve had the opportunity visiting Cape Town in 2015 for a project and it was the most memorable work trips I’ve ever done in my life. After 3 days of overwhelming yet fulfilling task, I’ve decided to stay for the weekend to re-charge and most importantly to see the Table Mountain. Here’s why I think it’s the greatest place to visit…

  • Stunning views of Cape Town
  • One of the most photographed landmark
  • One of the oldest mountains in the world
  • Interesting hiking trails that cater for different type of hiker
  • The mountain is teeming with native flora and fauna
  • Named as one of the world’s new seven wonders of nature

Dear Table Mountain, thank you for making me feel tiny yet inspired. Sitting on the edge, I see all kinds of things I can’t… 

If you are in Cape Town, you absolutely cannot miss the Table Mountain! and I highly recommend staying at boutique hotels, away from city center. You could also get to experience the “city rolling blackouts” ~ load shedding.

Table Mountain

I checked myself into Kensington Place, a boutique hotel made up of only 8 suites surrounded by Table Mountain. This boutique hotel offers stunning views of table mountain and the most friendly and intimate service. I’ll never forget the tasty tomato soup they made for me during load shedding!

My overall experience in Cape Town was fabulous ~ it is a vibrant city with friendliest people, diverse background and filled with natural beauty.

Table Mountain View from top

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