Old-fashioned train journey, Yangon circle line

Travel and adventures, are my best education….

Get up close with Yangoonies? Try the local train, the Yangon Circular Train just 200 MMK, and yes , $0.20c!!

There is an average of 100,000 daily commuters on board the train, riding through the city’s rural landscape. The train starts running in the early hours on a double track going clock wise and counter clockwise. You can board the train at The Central Station, and you have to by the ticket in person on Platform 7.

Throughout the three-hour journey (with no air-con), the train travels at a slow pace, while local market vendors hop on and off between stops selling fruits and local snacks. The journey may seem a little long, especially if you are riding one of the oldest carriage with hard seats. However, it is definitely the most unique way as you get to interact with locals, witness and experience their daily routine.

The more station you pass, the more surprises. You’ll never take your eyes off what’s going on.. women balancing goods and bases on their heads, children running around, and waving, the busy vegetables market and the changing of landscapes.

Do you know…? 

  • Yangon Central Station is Burma’s largest train station, built by the British in 1877.
  • The Yangon Circular Train was built in 1954 and it covers a railway track loop, total of 39 station.
  • Some of the trains are Hungarian imports back in the early 60s.
  • The newer trains are from Japan.
  • The far satellite towns only had the railway network to access the city.
  • Local commuters are often seen hopping on and off while the train is still in motion.
  • Bus service was introduced in recent year but it has proved inefficient, and caused most people to use the train.

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