A journey beyond just transportation

Traveling on a sleeper train is always on my travel list and I started planning my trip a few months ago. Spring is the best time to travel on a train and it is perfect timing for me to relax and reflect after making one of the hardest decision, leaving my job for the unknown.

It’s my first time on a sleeper train and I wanted a unique, unforgettable experience, I chose the Belmond Grand Hibernian. Yes! A (classy) reward. Like other Belmond trains, I get to choose a trip between two and seven days, and I picked the Legends and Loughs.

A journey aboard the Irish luxury sleeper train is an exclusive and haunting experience.

Magnificent Irish country side

The world-famous counties scenery – Cork, Kerry, Galway and Mayo

Ashford Castle


Exclusive excursions

Premium whiskey tasting at Jameson Distillery, Blarney Castle visit, jaunting car and pony ride through the National Park, scenic boat trip by Ross Castle on Lough Leane, Cliff of Moher, Ashford Castle, Falconry demonstration, Sheep dog demonstration, Irish drum and Jig lesson at a traditional pub.


Sophisticated atmosphere

Elegant interiors, luxurious carriages with its own name, comfortable and relaxing settings.

Exquisite dining experience

Dining on such a train is an experience – the polished silver, sparkling glasses, lovely linen and settings. Indulge in finest cuisine and wines followed by traditional local entertainment – live band, harpist, story teller that brings each memorable day to a close.

World-class service

Impeccable service begins at the Westbury Hotel (check-in and welcome), to train station until departure day – attentive uniformed service staff on board, responsible train manager, focused driver and outgoing guide.

Belmond Crew.jpg

From strangers to travel companion

The best part of this trip ~ meeting new people. I was lucky that we’ve had 19 passengers on board instead of the full capacity (approx. 36 – 40), hence I had a chance to speak to all of them at various occasion without having difficulty remembering their names.

Even though the average age of this group is 50 years old, I must say, traveling with them and listening to their life stories are money can’t buy experience and wisdom. Thank you, Phil, Nicole, Lee Ann, Carol, Irene, Anne Marie, Michael and all Belmond Grand Hibernian crew.

St Patrick

Dublin, home of Oscar Wilde

Apart from traveling through Ireland in style, I managed to check out Dublin for a few hours – St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Castle, Trinity College and a lovely stroll along O’Connell and Grafton Street.

There is no better Irish experience than walking into an Irish pub.  I met Connor a friendly bartender who will travel across Southeast Asia for 3 months with his girlfriend this summer. Lucky day! I gave him a long list of cities and places to visit in exchange for a pint of Guinness ~ it is true, that the stout tastes better in Ireland than anywhere else.

The enchanting Emerald Isle…

It was a short but meaningful visit –  the world-famous scenery, the history, heritage and friendly people. Exploring this beautiful country makes me feel like I am in a movie scene – Harry Potter, P.S I love you, Brave Heart, The Quiet Man and in fact there is a long list of movies that were being shot in Ireland including Star Wars, Marley & Me, Bridget Jones Diary, Saving Private Ryan, Leap Year and many more.

The everlasting memory I have of this country is the breathtaking landscape – stunning scenery and the incredibly green grass!

It’s a pleasant reward and I’m proud.

Let yourself be taken by the essence of adventure.

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