A truly soulful metropolitan

Today, Seoul is still considered a “Special City” to me. A trip to Seoul 15 years ago was my first travel experience and since then, Seoul has become my most visited destination.

Many people know that Seoul is home to a successful “Hallyu”, Korean Wave for decades and a city with unique attractions to travelers from different background. There are plenty reasons visitors regularly rank Seoul as their favourite city.

K-Pop – part of K-Wave which has marked a global phenomenon in contemporary music, culture and film industry throughout the world.

K-Tourism – stunning skyscrapers, scenic palaces and temples, assorted malls and markets, various accommodation options including guesthouse and Airbnb, accessible transportation system, you name it, they have it and much more.

K-Drama – Korean dramas not only captured the heart of couch potatoes, men and women of all age, they have stirred a new K-Wave in terms of travel hotspots and influencing what people do, wear, eat and buy.

I guess, beyond K-Wave….is “K-Influencers”… what a reflection of their attitude and passion to thrive. Well, I must say “K-Strategy” works!

  • K-Fashion –Koreans are always ahead of time in terms of creative stylings
  • K-Beauty – Koreans are famous for their flawless beauty looks
  • K-Food – Korean food is largely created with rice, vegetables, seafood, meat and spices with different cooking methods from grill, steam, fry, poach or even served fresh. Famous delicacies include K-barbecue, K-fried chicken, K-stew, K-hotpot and the endless K-side dishes
  • K-Bangs – karaoke, internet café, game room, movie, bathhouse etc

It’s true that K-Wave influence is remarkable, there are some hidden gems that might convince you to make Seoul your next travel destination or re-visit this special city again (and again).

K-Hipster – inspiration, energy and enthusiasm.

Ihwa Mural Village is an area of Ih-wa-dong near Naksan. It was an old village that was supposed to be demolished. However, 12 years ago, 60 artists were invited to transform the village. It was named a mural village for a reason, thanks to these artists. Bright, creative backdrop and colorful motifs on the walls, this place certainly makes for perfect photography. Besides the murals, you will discover many art galleries, little museums and mini cafes along the streets.

Heyri Art Valley, less than an hours’ drive north of Seoul, in Paju, home to painters, potters, writers, musicians and photographers. Within this artsy community, you will find artist’s residences, workrooms, galleries and museums.Heyri Art Valley was constructed to blend in with existing surrounding structures and each building has its own quirky characteristic. Surrounded by hills and woodlands, no building in Heyri is more than three stories tall due to local regulations – perfect tranquil yet artsy experience!

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