Sharing, learning, and exploring..

This year is for sharing, learning and exploring.. I prefer to live life this way.

2018, I took a leap of faith, I did things I never done before and most importantly I am doing something. Last year this time, I traveled to the Island of Ceylon and I once said “one visit is not enough”. I had the opportunity traveling to Sri Lanka earlier this month for a completely different experience.

Some memories are unforgettable and heartwarming!

There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset to end a good day

I often wondered what it would be to feel happy and free. Most people fantasized about living a good life, getting what they want but sometimes these fantasies are meaningless. I am most happy when watching sunsets and the view of sun setting at the Kalutara beach sets me free.

Being free brings a lightness to all that is happening around you

It’s important that we see animals in a natural state. A trip to watch the mighty elephants at the Hurulu Eco Park was brilliant. There are three national parks in the close proximity within Sigiriya region. Generally, during the months of July to September large groups of elephants are spotted in the Minneriya National Park and then they migrate to Kaudulla National Park between October and November due to high rains. Then the elephants move on to Hurulu Eco Park for the final leg of their migration during the month of December to January.

Not only you’ll appreciate the nature, you’ll also feel happy, wild and free.

Sharing is a wonderful thing

 A simple act of kindness such as giving or sharing have a positive effect to happiness. What I love about this trip, wildlife, sunsets, nature and the feeling of giving back. A visit to Somawathi Nivasa was heartening. Thanks to Silah, her family and friends, we packed 50 stationary kits we brought from Singapore for the children living in Somawathi Nivasa – a home for children who have lost their parents on the day of the devastating tsunami and abandoned children in Sri Lanka. With the help of Maria van Leeuwen and support from her home country, Doctor Prasad manages to build this orphanage “The Holland House of Hope”, also called the Somawathi Home.The Somawathi Home has grown since 2005 to more than just an orphanage, they also pay a lot of attention to good and practical education and the best possible medical care.

It is a blessing that you can afford to be silly with your friend!

As Charles Lamb once said “Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected”. Sometimes we take each other for granted, we irritate each other, we get frustrated for minor things but we never considered a difference in religion, personality and opinion, as cause for disconnecting our friendship.

Highlights (and above all):

  • This past year has opened my eyes to many things and people
  • Life is beautiful with sunshine and freedom
  • Be grateful for the home we have

While end of the year is approaching us, a new chapter in life will be written. Be brave, nothing can substitute learning and experience.

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