Make a choice, take a chance..

Make a choice, take a chance, but.. prioritize things that matter most in your life.

I cancelled my travel plans, I tried different things and I met all kinds of people over the last couple of months – time indeed flies like an arrow.  As time goes by, I appreciate that my priority matters.

We all face with different and many choices that may be going against our priorities. As I get older, I know that my days won’t go on forever. I listen to my conscience and I choose to spend my time and effort on what matters most to me.

Some people come into our life as a blessing…

I cancelled a trip to Georgia back in February and that’s okay because I gained more. I’ve had the most memorable birthday celebration back home with a special person. It’s been a huge blessing.

While, some people come into our life as a lesson..

I met people who aren’t satisfied with their life; appearance, finances and accomplishments. They see what others have, they want it too. After the excitement wears off, what’s next?. I worked with people who only watches out for themselves. When something goes wrong, they blame, criticise and they judge. Respect them for who they are and move on.

I gave it all I’ve got, I remain true to my values and I know I’ll gain more from moving forward. It is important to spend time with people I cherish the most at this moment.

Do what makes you happy, not who you have to impress. Be nice to yourself and  your loved ones.


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